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We all love it. Branded merchandise that is. From the humble pen to the practical water bottle, the exhibition lanyard to the plushie toy... the world is your oyster. But it takes an end to end understanding of the needs of marketing, procurement, and often HR, to design, source and produce the right items at the right price for your audience.

We're passionate about doing it brilliantly every time. Delivering real power whilst being exceptionally creative. Whether its sustainably sourced or "this year's must have", our team will work with you to come up with ideas that are practical and affordable - and something everyone will want to get their hands on.


We learn about you. We dive deep into your brand. We ask you how, why, what, when, who. Then we get together and come up with items that tick every box.

After that we'll start designing them, getting samples, firming costs, appointing manufacturers - at pace and with flexibility, keeping you constantly up to date with our progress.

There's quality control and robust checkpoints all along the way, until your finished items are ready for onward distribution.



Merchandise creates amazing brand moments that are hard to put a value on. But we know, from our long-standing in the industry, done well, branded merchandise helps your customers and staff express their joy, loyalty and passion.

Value for money

We will guide you on how best to invest your resources (money, time, energies) to get the best possible returns.

Tangible value-add

We want to make a difference to your business. We won't ever take you for granted. Expect the unexpected in terms of ideas and proactivity!

Flexible delivery model

Every client and every brief is different. So whilst our commitment to quality and value is consistent, our service model will mould around you.

Deep industry expertise

As one of the longest standing suppliers in the industry, we just know how to get this right. But let us show you.

Innovation guaranteed

We are constantly out there looking for new products, new suppliers and new design ideas, attending events and conferences far and wide - bringing that knowledge back to you.

Dedicated account management

We have a team of passionate and energetic client service professionals who want to do great work for you.

Featured case study

Irn Bru

When the Commonwealth Games comes to town, you pull out all the stops with your event and merchandise activity.

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