Sustainable Sourcing & Ethical Management

Planet and people protectors.


It means something to us being good global citizens. We care about the people, and our planet, in the work that we do and the way we do it. Our commitments are something our clients get behind.

let's do more and more still

What you need to know

Every smart business takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. We certainly do. We have embedded the need to operate sustainably, responsibly and ethically into all aspects of our operations.

For example, we work closely with our entire supply chain on initiatives such as brand upcycling and we support the reduction of plastic waste in practical ways. We favour suppliers who have been awarded Ecovadis status demonstrating they are working hard to ensure the impact on the planet is minimised. And we are proud SEDEX members.

We support leading bodies such as the Ethical Trading Initiative which promotes respect for workers' rights around the globe.


Why should you value this?

Being responsible and focusing on the change we can all make to protect the environment is a "must-do". Equally, working only where human rights and ethical practices are protected is of paramount importance.


Because taking responsibility is something that every business must do.


We have always followed best practice and want to continue to encourage our clients to do the right thing.


We're grateful that the world has woken up to its need for planet protection and we get excited working with manufacturers who support our values.


Procurement and HR teams are people we greatly admire - they truly understand the importance of behaving ethically and responsibly.

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