Planning & Logistics

We know what to think about, so you can just let go.

best laid plans

If it was as easy as surfing the net, finding a factory and getting some stuff made, then everyone would do it. The thing is, getting merchandise, point of sale and corporate gifting right, takes great planning and management.



Stop before you start. That's what we say. Think hard about what you're trying to achieve at a high level, and let us get down into the details to make it happen.

We start with ensuring we utilise a wide, wide (did we mention wide) range of global suppliers to get you the best value, always negotiating hard on your behalf, without compromising on quality.

We use market trends and consumer behaviour analysis to inform everything from best-fit products to best-fit sizes! And we give full consideration to packaging as well as display (for those items that are ending up on a retail shelf).

from a to b without any d-r-a-m-a


Exchange rates. Fill costs. Price breaks. Chinese New Year! Just a few things that can trip you up. We have been there, seen that, done it, bought the (branded) t-shirt and we know what to think about and discuss with you before meticulously planning how to make it happen.


We're right at the coalface seeing the latest buying habits and insights and we can apply that knowledge to your brief.


We will manage everything from start to finish, building in contingency for areas where we know there can be challenges.


We are forever out in bars, supermarkets, hotels, factories, shopfloors and we use this experience to guide our thinking and execution.


We work to whatever parameters are laid down and find the best ways of doing things to fit those constraints.

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Have a cup of SP-tea

New SPT mug allows you to appreciate your favourite underground while above ground.

Turn it up loud!

We love these fantastic branded speakers we saw from one of our suppliers recently. A compact size (perfect for any kitchen or bedroom disco), Bluetooth (of course) and choose from can or coffee cup design. Actually the only choice is what playlist off Spotify will your brand fans want to play on it? If you’re interested in a product like this, get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you – at any volume.

Sauce in style!

New bespoke condiment holder to keep your table tidy (in style).

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