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We love this stuff. We eat it for breakfast. Quality control is of the very highest importance here. Every single step of the way we are checking, rechecking and ticking off every requirement that needs considered to get the job done properly.

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What matters most

Early on in any project we will work with you to identify the best way to manage quality control, as well as your compliance needs.

We will meet relevant stakeholders in your business and put checks/balances in play (including simple ones like product samples and sign off-processes) to ensure it's all right on the night.

We even have our very own Head of Compliance who will rubber stamp your goods as they make their way from idea to delivery. And don't be surprised when you find us on planes to far flung places off to check on the factories where all your products are being produced.

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Why you can trust us on this

The good news is there are certifications and accreditations that we hold that testify to the quality control processes and compliance checks we rigorously enforce for every one of our clients.


You don't need to believe what we say - you can look at all our official paperwork.


Our reputation for excellence is really important to us - having the right quality control procedures is one way of doing so.


We like to work as an extension of your team - and our Head of Compliance is our (and your) MVP!


You can never introduce enough. We make them part of our service in a way that reassures us - and you equally.

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