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We like to share some of the great stuff that's happening all around us in our business and our clients' businesses too.

Part of the family

We’re happy to be a dog friendly office. In fact, regular visitors to Orb include Sooty and Ozzie both featured here.

Spotlight on… Arnold Clark

Practicing gratitude is an important behaviour here at Orb so we’re keen to make sure we say a thank you to each and every one of our clients as often as we possibly can.

Who will buy?

It never ceases to amaze us here at Orb at the amount of “brand fans” that will reach out to their beloved brand owners on their socials…

A whole new world

Ever wondered what it’s like to go into Aladdin’s Cave? That’s what our office in Glasgow looks like. Packed to the rafters with the most amazing products we have lovingly designed and produced for our clients.

Meat and greet

Nobody likes networking more than our Managing Director, Fiona Proudler.

First impressions count

We are seeing a growing number of clients invest increasingly large sums in producing “staff welcome packs” as a way of ensuring their new recruits have a truly good first week.

you can have it all

Latest products

We have oodles and oodles of products we could show you - gives you an excuse to visit our offices - but here's a very small selection.

Let it snow

Happy Christmas (well, you know what we mean).

In da hood

A quality hoodie from a quality brand.

Anyone for polo-shirts?

Stylish, quality workwear for WGM’s hard-working employees.

Reusable cups

Just need to decide what to put in them.

Essential outerwear

Want. One. Now.

Very much Still Game

Victor and Jack want you to have it.

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