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Last week at ORB we visited the Snapchat Headquarters in London for the Marketing Society Digital Day 2024. How much did we appreciate that the office had a massive phone for people to mess around with some famous filters from the Snapchat app. As everyone knows, filters can turn you into all sorts of creatures and famous characters but what stood out for us (given we work in branded clothing and merchandise) was the ability to try on an invisible Snapchat puffer jacket (and yes I did make that look good).

This application of Augmented Reality (AR) is not new (it’s been around awhile) but it still is very impressive and no doubt has already, and will continue to, revolutionise the world of online shopping. Imagine being able to try on any article of clothing without having to leave the comfort of your home?
Of course, like any great technology brand, Snapchat have already taken advantage of their platform, using this AR technology to promote products for brands such as Nike and Dior. Through this customers can try on a pair of digital shoes in a variety of colours and designs. And they can then pictures wearing these virtual items to their friends who may clearly sway their purchase decision (our MD says her son would send the pic to her with a request for some cash).
Another great example of AR is present in IKEA’s Place app (and I should know, I worked there pre ORB). This genius feature lets customers place a virtual piece of furniture within their own home to allow them to essentially see how the item would look in their real world.

Not only does this technology make it easier to understand the scale of a product, the ability to compare different colours or products in an instant makes it far easier to plan their purchases to match the aesthetic of their room.

Again, working in ORB, you could imagine how we could show drinks or FMCG brands how their merchandise or point of sale could look in store or in retail outlets before they committed to the work.

Technology is everywhere. Who can forget the rise in use of QR codes during the pandemic. It was unprecedented (remember *that* word?). And it gave rise to amazing customer experiences, of which a personal favourite of the ORB team was the Pizza Hut Pac-Man game. It’s something to do whilst eating your Meat Feast (beats having to converse with the family).
We have seen a huge demand for technology related products from many of the clients we work with at ORB. Staff and customers love getting ear buds, solar charged speakers, headphones and all the latest gadgets and we’re always looking for new ways to encourage the brands to exploit technology to support their marketing ambitions.
Make sure you get in touch to ask us how. We promise not to ghost you in return.

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