Fridge doors. They’re not what they used to be.

Fridge doors. They’re not what they used to be.

With integrated appliances, my fear is those that love collecting them, must surely be struggling to find a solution as to where to put them (a shoebox just doesn’t give the perfect display vantage).
Our MD often talks about a friend of hers who is obsessed with collecting them – insisting that she gets brought back a minimum of 3 from every one of the trips abroad our MD takes.
To be fair, at ORB, we’re used to seeing demand for items such as these. It’s literally incredible the way in which certain brands (who have fans not customers) will consume any item of branded merchandise from their beloved drink/snack/car/soup/ferry/TV programme – not least the fridge magnet. (A tea towel goes down a storm. And don’t get us started on water bottles).
Got us thinking about records. Which brands command the most fans? We suspect beers and soft drinks are right up there (certainly for the younger audiences).
But it led us to uncover the world record for the largest collection of fridge magnets is held by Louise J Greenfarb from Las Vegas.
She has 35,000 non-duplicated fridge magnets that she has been collecting since the 1970s.

Leaves you thinking just how big must her fridge be?

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