30 years young

Hard to believe that Orb has been going for almost 3 decades.  But it’s not really hard to believe.  Because we’ve stayed true to our pledge to always put our clients front and centre in our thinking.  There have been times when some of the requests have challenged us to the hilt but that’s when you often see us at our best.  Finding a way through any problems (not enough time, Chinese New Year, samples going awry, quantities being short etc) is what we’ll do.  And when there’s no problems (and it’s all plain sailing) then we’ll be equally good because we’ll have time to add new ideas into the mix for you or push you to think a bit more holistically about what to do with your merchandise and more.  Our maturity matters – it matters to you (as a client) because 30 years of knowledge and experience in this industry is hard to beat.

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