For over 20 years Orb has built long term relationships with the World’s best network of warehousing solution and logistics providers. We have warehouse and fulfilment centres throughout the UK, Europe, The Americas, Asia and Australasia offering a variety of coordinated storage, packing and distribution services.


Our real-time inventory platforms make forecasting and planning very simple giving our clients peace of mind. Our specialist logistics teams fully coordinate shipping consolidation for even the most complex of logistical requirements. All the relevant Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Factory Commodity Codes and Test Documentation are obtained from suppliers for all products before shipping.

Fast Deliveries

Our capabilities allow us in the UK to deliver a limited super-fast range of items on the Express Dispatch Service (EDS) within 2-3 days to meet the most challenging of delivery dates. Our trusted freight forwarding agent manages the shipping of our clients products ensuring fast and secure worldwide delivery.