Our Responsible Sourcing Manifesto

For us, ethical sourcing is a never-ending project so we aim to collaborate with external stakeholders to consistently learn and progress in social compliance.

Responsible sourcing and supply chain management is important to us. We understand that our purchasing decisions impact on people and the environment. To manage this, we are committed to working with suppliers that share our core values of treating workers fairly, with respect for human rights whilst mitigating against environmental impact.

We work with our suppliers to assess and improve social compliance performance both on-site and through remote follow up.

Social compliance is jointly managed by our Purchasing and Quality Managers in the Far-East. Our QC team have been trained to identify social compliance issues and work with factories to enable remediation. All factories are assessed in person by the QC team, who receive training to ensure they can adequately respond to issues.

Orb Group are members of SEDEX and follow the Ethical Trading Initiatives recommendations to meet high standards in supply chain management.