In an ever-changing world our clients’ demands reflect their needs for their teams and customers. We know this.


At Orb, our online webshops provide the perfect solution both for our B2B and B2C clients. Our webshop platforms are intuitive and most importantly, user-friendly making the ordering of merchandise and reporting an easy process.

Our webshops are built on respected and trusted retail platforms, that comply with all security certifications that provide a satisfying customer journey and reassurance. Our clients’ merchandise is easily uploaded into their webstores inventory system giving them complete visibility on all stock, thus avoiding ‘out of stock’ scenarios. Its bespoke permission system allocates specific roles and user access.

All our webshops operate 24/7 and support multiple languages and currencies. With product reporting you have full visibility over your top sellers or what’s low in stock. Reports are configurable and easily customised to your specific requirements.

Arnold Clark

Europe’s No 1 independently owned family-run car dealer


Since 2014 we having been working together creating a cohesive and diverse range of merchandise for use across multi channels, sponsorship events, exhibitions, roadshows and corporate program giveaways.

Working with our extensive supply chain including our global freight forwarder and fulfilment house, we created a range of over 50 products, consolidated the nationwide order requirement and delivered on time and on budget across over 180 locations with over 200 orders per month.

Still Game

Scotland’s very own award winning sitcom


We pitched a merchandise range to Ford and Greg in July 2014 to coincide with Still Game Live which kicked off in October of that year.

As part of the relationship we delivered a fully functioning webshop showcasing the shows extended range of merchandise. The store has a range of over 30 products which are also sold through HMV and Papyrus.

Now three years on we have launched a brand new range for ‘Live2’ at the Hydro. We love working with the Still Game team on this truly iconic Scottish sitcom.