Mr President… Promotional Items DO work!

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The Proof that Promotional Items DO work – Case & Point, Donald J Trump.

People often ask, does promotional merchandise actually work? Does it really enhance your brand, or is it even noticed by the general public? So ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Donald J Trump, the man who has reportedly spent in the region of $11.5m on branded promotional merchandise, a hefty figure compared to Clintons $2.4m within the same Presidential campaign period in 2016!

There are many examples of how you can make branded merchandise work for your brands gain, but to see it on the scale that Trump elevated it to is incredible. Almost overnight the humble 5 panel baseball cap was catapulted into the limelight with images of Trump and his beloved hats shown on news channels and social media pages all over the world, with the now iconic Make America Great Again slogan. It is with these caps, tshirts and banners that Trump articulated his message to the masses, he used simple colours, basic text and language and in the end his products worked for him, and possibly had a significant impact on the voting public which inevitably won him the Presidential Election. If that isn’t your merchandise working for you, then I don’t know what is!

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