Don’t get stuck on your Supermarket Sweep!

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A new £1 coin is coming into circulation in March 2017!!  The Royal Mint are introducing the new 12 sided £1 coin to replace the existing coin – this will be the first time the coin has been redesigned in more than 30 years!

Anti-counterfeiting features of the new 12-sided coin include its distinctive multi-sided shape and dual-metal design, with a gold-coloured outer ring and a silver-looking centre.  It will also boast a hologram-like image that looks like a £ symbol or a 1 when viewed from different angles.

The current ‘round pound’ will stop being legal tender on October 15th 2017, meaning you have just a few months to spend or save your coins.

Supermarkets from Asda to Sainsbury’s are gearing up for the change and have or are in the process of adapting their trolleys to make them compatible with the new coin shape.  Millions of pounds have been spent converting vending machines, lockers and trolleys already, and work will continue during the upgrade period.

On the plus side for business, trolley coins are extremely handy, and the switch provides a great opportunity for long-term brand visibility.

Our popular Trolley Coin Keyrings are already available in the new shape and can be branded on one or both sides with your logo, brand or message.

If you would like to make the switch to the new style Trolley Coin, please just get in touch.  Origination will be Free until 31st March on this new product.

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