Under my Umbrella, ella, ella!

Summer is fast approaching and as you know for the UK and especially us here in Scotland this means rain more than sunshine.   With that in mind how about showcasing your logo on a golf or telescopic umbrella.

The number one criteria for success with promotional gifts is their usefulness to the recipient, if an item is useful it will be well received and it will be kept and used, meaning any message will be repeatedly seen. Printed umbrellas are of course useful all year round and not just for the sodden British summer time!

I think everyone in the UK has an umbrella or has at least used one at some time or other.  Thinking about that, imagine the continuing advert of a branded umbrella being paraded about the streets of the UK.  Branded umbrellas are seen to be expensive and the more panels you have printed, the more expensive they are.  However, what about having one panel printed with your logo – this is still very effective and keeps the price down. With a large range of styles and colours you can get creative and make them really stand out without blowing your budget.

The print on any promotional items is important, less is often more, these products are not business cards but promotional gifts and subtle branding, or creative branding is far more interesting and umbrellas with their huge print areas, all 8 panels, and with access to the very latest print technologies really can be turned into something special and provide a return on your investment.

In the words of ole blue eyes himself ‘Every time it rains…it rains pennies from heaven’ so contact our team here at Orb to order your umbrellas and “there’ll be pennies from heaven for you and me”!



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